Book Study

Taking God at His Word

“Is the Bible reliable, authoritative, or even necessary? DeYoung tackles these questions and more as he builds a compelling case for trusting and relying on Scripture as the Word of God for all of life.”

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An eight-week book study featuring Taking God at His Word begins Sunday evening, September 15, 2019. Each week covers a chapter in the book, complete with study guides.

Topics include:

  • Believing, Feeling, Doing
  • Something More Sure
  • Christ’s Unbreakable Bible
  • Stick With the Scriptures
  • and more

Day: Sundays from October 2 through December 15.

Time: 5:00 pm

Everyone is welcome.

For more information on Taking God at His Word, author Kevin DeYoung, or to order your own copy, click here.