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But I Will Pray For You

Be careful when you say that. Do not say those words unless you sincerely
intend to do it. How often have you experienced this: A friend of yours or someone
you know will be talking to you and they will mention some particular need or problem in
their life? You listen intently. You empathize. You lend advice. However, at some
point during the conversation you realize there is nothing that you can (or desire) to do
to help. Feeling somewhat helpless (or guilty), you offer what seems to be the only
thing you can say, “But, I’ll pray for you!”

Now actually that really is a wonderful thing to say. What it means is that you
intend to call upon the divine Creator and Sustainer of the universe to intervene on
behalf of your friend and perhaps change the order of the universe to benefit your
friend. That is what we call a miracle. Of course, miracles happen. There is ample
evidence in scripture and Christian history when God has answered such prayers. I, for
one, pray such prayers everyday of the week. Please understand, I am not suggesting
that you should stop telling your friends that you will pray for them.

I am saying that when you tell your friends that you will pray for them; make
sure that you actually do it. How often have you told someone you would pray for him
or her and then somehow you just never really got around to it? Such insincerity
borders on profanity. Do not say you will when you don’t.

In fact why put it off? When you realize that prayer is the only answer, why
not say, “Let’s pray about it right now!” If you believe there is power in prayer then
prove it. It is not difficult. Why would we be afraid of such a profession of faith?
Are we afraid that God will not answer our prayer as we prayed it?

On the other hand, maybe he will. That is the crux of the matter. It is not our
place to speculate on God’s will in any given situation. However, it is our God given right
as his children to ask him for help. Jesus plainly told us that he loves to give good
gifts to his children. {Matthew 7:11 and Luke 11:13)

The greatest heritage we have as children of God is the gift of prayer. Do not
take it lightly.



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