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Waiting for an Invitation

“A Sunday school teacher once visited a poor family in one of the top apartments of a tenement in a small but clean room. From conversation with the father and mother, she soon discovered that since the beginning of a long illness of the father, the family had fallen from comparative comfort to poverty. He was now, however, better, and had been able for some time to work a little, so as to keep his family from destitution, but by no means to enable them to live in comfort.

Having learned so much of their worldly concerns, their visitor next began to speak of their souls’ interests. She asked them if they went to any church. ‘No,’ said the father. ‘We used to go long ago, before I took ill, but we went no more after that.’

‘But you have been better for a good while,’ said the teacher.

‘But nobody ever asked us to come!’

‘Well,’ said the visitor, ‘I’ll ask you now,’ and she directed him to a church where he would hear the glad tidings from a faithful minister.

The next Sunday several of the children were at her Sunday school and told her that their family had been at church. Since that day they have been hearers of the Word.

How many souls are perishing ‘because, though all things are now ready, nobody ever asked them to come?’ ” — Scottish Sunday School Teacher’s Magazine

I never cease to be amazed at how often we do not invite others to come and hear the word. Is it because we assume they do not want to hear? You just might be the messenger of hope that God has placed in that other person’s life. Take every opportunity to share the GOOD news.

Shalom, Gary

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