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Yoda in the Creche

A few years ago we were visiting our son and his family in Oklahoma. Our granddaughter brought out a box of Christmas decorations with a manger scene.

It was obviously made for children in that it was made out of plastic, you know the kind; high strength, virtually indestructible; one that will probably last for a million years (really) plastic. There was a donkey, a lamb, a cow, a manger, a baby Jesus, a Mary, a Joseph, some shepherds, three wise men, a camel or two, and a Yoda.

Yah, a Yoda. Those of you who have never watched a “Star Wars” movie may wonder,” Who is Yoda?”

Yoda is the master Jedi knight who had this hardwired connection to “The Force”. Now don’t even ask me to explain “The Force”.

So I held it up and my granddaughter said, “Oh that’s Yoda; He doesn’t really belong in here. He’s just pretend. The rest of these are real.”

She was about 4 years old at the time. I was so glad that she knew the difference between pretend and real. I know many people much older than her who have a great deal of difficulty sorting that out. The “Star Wars” series of movies may have been entertaining and imaginative but I believe that’s where it stops.

I do think it is rather interesting to note that the series title (Star Wars) points to this imaginative celestial battle between good and evil while in actuality the real battle between good and evil has already been won. It did not take Jedi knights with light sabers and Millennium Falcons to do it.

It was just a baby who was born in a stable.

And the only star involved was the one that appeared for the wise men.


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